Anabess Bioclean

How to Use

  1. Separate white clothing away from coloured garments.
  2. For maximum effectiveness allow laundry to soak in water for 1 hour. This will allow the BioClean to convert water into activated water.
  3. To obtain an optimum wash for heavily soiled laundry, add an amount of 1/5 (one fifth) ordinary detergent into the washing machine together with the BioClean.
  4. After removing laundry from your washing machine, leave BioClean in the drum ready for the next wash.
  5. For washing machines with capacity over 4kg, use 2 (two) BioClean.
  6. To sustain a longer life for the BioClean, expose to sunlight once a month when possible.


How To Use Bioclean



  1. The BioClean consists of many natural ceramics contained in a round ball. This product was scientifically designed to clean clothes and laundry without any detergent.
  2. From the test result by KATRI, a nationally authorized scientific testing organization in Korea, BioClean was awarded an excellent record in areas of cleaning strength, decolorant strength and sterilizing power.
  3. When compared with normal washing process, BioClean achieved results that are desirable, economical, detergent conserving, water conserving, electrical efficient and time saving.
  4. The BioClean is a global invention which is protected by invention patent and received design trademark.
  5. BioClean has been scientificallydesigned as an environmentally friendly product.



  1. Because the BioClean does not contain any detergent, there is no remaining chemical detergent residue in the cloth and fibers. Therefore, it does not cause any skin trouble to those who may be allergic or irritated by residues that detergents leave behind in clothes after washing.
  2. It protects the oxidation and discoloration of fabric caused by chlorine in water and helps to retain the elasticity of fabric.
  3. The BioClean has an antibiotic effect. It eliminates mold, pathogenic organism and unpleasant odours.
  4. With these combined functions,it is not necessary to add bleaching agent, fabric softener or other washing additives.


Usage and period of useBIOCLEAN transparent-bg -high

  • Use in washing machines (both top-load and front-load machines)
  • Can also be used in hand wash
  • Good for three years (based upon once a day usage)


Washing Principle

  1. The powerful Far Infrared rays from the BioClean break water molecules hydrogen combination into smaller clusters and activate the small water clusters. This increases its molecular motions, its penetration factor and washing power of water. It also radiates negative ions to soften the surface and inter fabric adhesion so that the dirt can come off easily without detergent.
  2. BioClean keeps the pH spectrum at the same level as ordinary chemical detergent, helping to remove oil, dirt and stains from clothing.
  3. BioClean eliminates the chlorine in the water and softens the water surface tension plus increases cleaning strength.




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