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The Grayns Story

Introducing Grayns™ The Original Rice Cooker™

GRAYNS™ The Original Rice Cooker™ from Ascenteus Research is a ground breaking invention that redefines healthy living by cooking rice in the “original way” – automatically draining away the excess, unhealthy starch (RDS) or rapidly digested starch from the rice. A perfect blend of cutting edge technology, convenient functionality, breath taking aesthetics and modern day convenience providing wholesome, healthy and fluffy rice at the touch of a button.



The GRAYNS™ Way of Cooking Rice

The patented and Ingenious Grayns REVOCOOK technology intelligently enables a profound 4 stage cooking process.grayns technology

The sensomatic technology enables the THERMOSENSE stage which provides just the right cooking temperature to gelatinize the rice thereby releasing the unhealthy RDS or Rapidly Digested Starch into the water, yet retaining the vital nutrition and minerals.

This is followed by the DEBOND stage – which intuitively holds the gelatinization temperature compelling most of the RDS to get out of the rice.

The RDS is then TRANSUDED and drained away into the Starch collection Tray. This procces is enabled by the patented RIDS technology.

The final step for the remaining rice is to DEMOISTURIZE it of its excess moisture making the Rice FLUFFY, HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS.



have developed the Grayns Rice Cooker which is the first and only rice cooker in the world that removes a large potion of the unhealthy RDS from the rice when it is cooked. Rice cooked in Grayns has a lower glycemic Index by almost 35 to 40 % when compared to rice cooked in conventional rice cookers. This means that rice from the Grayns Rice Cooker when consumed will not impact the human body the same way as the one from conventional rice cookers. The result is lower Glycemic Load on our bodies.



The Brand

GRAYNS™ is inspired from “Grains” which is one of the first forms of food available to mankind since the dawn of human civilization. grayns designGRAYNS™ is all about innovations in the way food is prepared and consumed addressing the ever-growing needs of a healthier & more convenient lifestyle.

GRAYNS™ designs and develops products that promote lifestyle & convenience by solving the problems or filling the missing gaps present in the kitchen appliances market of today.



Grayns User Interface

User Friendly GUI with world’s first Intelligent and intuitive digital trackball interface for the most convenient cooking experience. Perfectly cooked rice utilizing only optimal water content and draining the excess.

Grayns™ proprietary Sensomatic™ technology automatically “senses” the optimum cooking settings for different varieties of rice. Easy, Safe and Effective method of draining the harmful starchy water. Enhanced functionality of also cooking conventional Starch Rice and other type of foods such as pastas, congee, soups etc.

Rice cooked in GRAYNS™ falls within the healthy Glycaemic Index (GI) range making it suitable for a diabetic diet.


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while using the latest technology to improve, automate and perfect this age old cooking method. It works perfectly for all types of rice whether white, brown, wild or herbal. Whats more, is that you can also conveniently cook healthier versions of any of your favorite rice dishes such as Nasi Lemak, Nasi Beryani, Nasi Ayam and many more. The results are simply amazing because the RevoCook technology enables the removal of the unhealthy RDS and heaviness while leaving behind the aromatic flavours of Malaysia’s famous rice dishes.



Award winner for Home Dec Quality and Good Design 2014

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