Okamizu International Sdn Bhd is formed under the joint venture idea from a Malaysian public-listed manufacturer and its group of companies under Wong Engineering Corporation Berhad and Tobaya Holdings Sdn Bhd, which has been distributing a range of health-related equipments under the brand of Okamizu. Currently, Okamizu International distributes the products through a chain-store range of pharmacies, retail outlets and business associates. Dedicated to improving the quality of life through better health, Okamizu’s team has directed its combined 30- years experience in both marketing and manufacturing experience towards the best solution to keep you safe from harmful bactera chemical additives. The principal manufacturer was established since 1982 and has been awarded various certifications in manufacturing practice.

Okamizu’s best selling products are:

  1. Food Detoxifier
  2. Air Detoxifier
  3. Car Detoxifier
  4. Alkaline Biostick



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