Okamizu Air Detoxifier

Okamizu Air Detoxifier will help you to purify your surrounding air as well as sanitize and sterilize the air you breathe as well. It is very helpful to create a dust free tranquil refreshing environment.

How an Air Detoxifier Works
An Air Detoxifier can help reduce the pollutants found in a home. The purifier is placed inside the home’s central duct system. Various steps involved in purifying the air are:-

  • Pre Filter
  • High-Efficiency HEPA Filter 
  • Photocatalytic Oxidation Filter 
  • Ozone Plate 
  • Germicidal UV Lamp 

In this process air first enters pre filter, capturing the largest particles. Then it enters in the High-Efficiency HEPA Filter where it captures dust, allergens and other solid particles. HEPA filters are recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Then it enters in the Photocatalytic Oxidation Filter Stage, which is is coated with titanium dioxide, which produces highly reactive ions and electrons when combined with the UV light from the Okamizu Air Detoxifier Pro UV lamp. Now the last and final stage is Ozone Plate Stage which produces low levels of ozone under the legal standard of 0.55 ppm. It dispenses just the right amount of ozone into the air to get rid of kitchen odors, pet dander and dust particles.

Our Technology

Technology 1: Pre-Filter
The air first enters pre filter, capturing the largest particles, which enhances the durability and performance of the other filters

Technology 2: High-Efficiency HEPA Filter
The most effective type of air filter at capturing dust, allergens and other solid particles (including bacteria). HEPA filters are recommended by most authorities in the world. The 6 in 1 Okamizu Air Detoxifier Pro uses a permanent, washable HEPA, so it does not require replacement.

  • Pre-filter for larger particles
  • HEPA traps 99% of dust/allergens 
  • Chemical/odor carbon filter 
  • TiO2 filter destroys pollutants 
  • Germ-killing UV lamp 
  • Safe, air-purifying ionizer 

Technology 3: Activated Carbon Filter
The best type of air filter for trapping chemicals, gases, odors and cigarette smoke.

Technology 4: Photocatalytic Oxidation Filter
This filter is coated with titanium dioxide, which produces highly reactive ions and electrons when combined with the UV light from the Okamizu Air Detoxifier Pro UV lamp. These highly reactive ions attach to chemical molecules, bacteria and odor-causing compounds, destroying them through oxidation. Independent tests by research scientists have proven photocatalytic oxidation to by highly effective.

Technology 5: Germicidal UV Lamp
The most effective way to destroy micro-organisms, such as germs, viruses, fungi (such as mold) and bacteria. Also destroys micro-organisms including those that are trapped by the HEPA air filter, preventing them from reproducing and recirculating through the room.

Technology 6: Safe & Effective UV Ionizer
Circulates trillions of negative ions to neutralize floating pollutants throughout the room. Multiple studies have found ionizers to be highly effective against dust, bacteria, etc. Most Air Detoxifiers that remove odors from the air using activated oxygen and produce ozone.

Technology 7: Ozone (on/off optional)
Ozone serve to remove odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemicals that other filters cannot.

Chart on 7 in 1 Okamizu Air Detoxifier Pro filteration and ozone technology Chart on 7 in 1 Okamizu Air Detoxifier Pro filteration and ozone technology okamizu air detoxifier Product Specifications

  • 12″ x 9″ x 12″
  • Covers up to 3,500 sq. feet 
  • Sterilizer and Anion (ionizer) function 
  • Ozone level control function 
  • Remote control enables you to manage: Ozone levels, Coverage Area, Timer, Sterilizer and Anion function. 
  • LCD display with timer function 
  • Digital Clock 
  • Washable and replaceable pre-filter. 
  • Washable and replaceable hospital grade HEPA filter. 
  • Washable and replaceable photo-catalytic filter.

Technical Specifications

  • Input voltage: AC 220V-230V
  • Rated power: 32 Watts (Ozone off) to 45 Watts (Ozone Highest level) 
  • Negative ion >4×106 ions/cm3 (using double-end steel needle) 
  • Ozone output: 360mg/h (adjustable 5 stages) 
  • Filters: Pre-filter, HEPA filter, Catalytic filter, Activated carbon filter 
  • Airflow rate: 1,500 RPM (adjustable 5 stages) 
  • UV light: wavelength 365nm (kills 99.9999% virus and bacteria trapped in the filter) 
  • HEPA: washable 
  • Digital Timer: 12 hour clock 
  • Remote control: Yes 
  • High quality wood casing
  • Effective area: Up to 3,500 sq ft
  • Product dimension: 12 ¼ (L) x 8 ¾ (W) X 12 ½ (H) – box design

Okamizu Air Detoxifier Pro is 99.99% effective against (Up to 3,500 sq ft – largest area of coverage for an air detoxifier):

  1. Dust/Dust Mites
  2. Bacteria
  3. Pollen & Other Allergens
  4. Mold/Fungi
  5. Cigarette Smoke
  6. Chemical & VOCS
  7. Germs and Viruses
  8. Odors

  Utilizing Okamizu Air Detoxifier Pro is suitable for:

  • “Sick Buildings”
  • Hospitals & Nursing
  • Homes 
  • Veterinary Offices 
  • Smoking Areas 
  • Hotel Rooms 
  • High Pollen Environments 
  • Newly Carpated Rooms 
  • Kitchens 
  • Attics & Basements 
  • Laundry Rooms 
  • Doctors’ Offices 
  • Day Care Centers 
  • Stables & Aviaries 
  • Locker Rooms 
  • Restaurants & Bars 
  • Mold 
  • Dust 
  • Mildew 
  • Pollen 
  • Bacteria, Viruses & Fungi 
  • Cigarette Smoke 
  • Allergies 
  • Asthma 
  • Pet Dander 
  • Cooking & Household Odors 
  • Chemical Gases 
  • Smoke, Pet Particles, Dust Mites 
  • Germs in Child Care or Medical environments 
  • Homes & Living Areas

Benefits of an Air Cleaner
Cleaner Air
The Air Detoxifier cleans the air of pollutants by a process called electrostatic precipitation, as described above. There are four main pollutants that they work to remove:

  1. Air Particles: pet dander, pollen, fungi, etc.
  2. Gases and Odors: various bad smells – tobacco smoke or pet odor
  3. Volatile Organic Compounds – disinfectants, cleaning supplies, and more 
  4. Micro Organisms – viruses, bacteria, and pathogens

Okamizu Air Detoxifier Pro
(Ozone + Carbon Filter + UV + Ionizer + Pre Filter + Hepa Filter + Photocatalytic Filter)
RRP : RM3,178


  • Super 8 – (ozone+ions+hepa) : RM2899
  • Amway (ozone + ion + uv) : RM 5899
  • Sharp KC860 E - 500 sq feet (HEPA + ION-NO OZONE) : RM2099 
  • Coway dolomites-HEP0A ION-NO OZONE - 1200 sq feet : RM2300
  • Honey Well 200 sq ft (Hepa & ion) – NO OZONE : RM1198



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