Okamizu Car Detoxifier

Having headache or feeling lethargic and space out after driving your car? Don’t blame the sun. The culprit could be hidden pollutants in your car.

Report found that the pollution level inside the cars is often a lot higher than the air outside. Both gasoline and diesel automobiles produce toxic fumes that contain a high concentration of volatile organic compounds like benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene, among others.

With increase of traffic congestion, we spend more time in our cars and we might inhale all of these toxic chemicals into our lungs. It’s even worse in air-conditioned cars, where the polluted air trapped within is re-circulated and the concentration of pollutants rises further.

The new car smell that you think is so nice might not be good for you after all: a consumer paper published in Japan found that the smell of a new car could contain up to 35 times the health limit set for volatile organic chemicals.


What can you do?

You break them down.

We mean the volatile organic compounds and chemicals in your car.

Okamizu has tapped into nature’s best-known disinfectant – ozone – via a Japanese innovation technology that combines plasma ion generation and ozonization to bring you the Okamizu Car Detoxifier.

Ozone is naturally occurring, powerful oxidizing agent that is found readily in the air. In most environment, readings of ozone stand at around 0.02ppm on a clear spring day. It has been referred to as the smell of ‘fresh, clean air’ that can be found in the mountains and near waterfalls.

The Okamizu Car Detoxifier is a device that plugs into your car to circulate ozone that effectively kills bacteria and viruses, breaks down and neutralizes chemicals and volatile organic compounds while eliminating stale odor to ensure a clean, healthy environment for you and your family.


Just plug in and breath in naturecar-detoxifier-with-logo

Plugging a unit into your car will do wonders for you:

  • Purifies and refreshes the air in your car.
  • Disinfects air-borne harmful bacteria, germs, chemicals, etc.
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odor caused by bacteria, tobacco, chemical fumes, pets, carpet, fabric,mold and fungus, etc.
  • Reduces airborne allergens, mold spores, mildew and fungicide.
  • Decomposes volatile organic compounds.
  • Neutralize toxic chemical fumes in the car.


Is this a proven technology?

Ozone can remove bacteria 3,000 times faster than chlorine and decomposes toxic chemical to non-toxic, environmentally friendly material.This is one of the best technologies to remove odor. Ozone kills bacteria within seconds by a process known as Cell-lysing. Thus, microorganisms are incapable of developing ozone-resistant strains. The Chinese government used a low level (0.02ppm) ozone system among other measures to help to reduce the risk of SARS in some subways and buses. (source : Fresh Air for Life by Allan C.Somersall, Phd, MD)

Other common applications – hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, and animal care facilities use ozone to reduce the level of air contaminants.


Is it safe?

Our car detoxifiers are designed to bring nature back into the car. Our strict and regulated safety tests ensure that ozone level is maintained at a low and stable rate without compromising on safety.

Agencies Approved safety limit
US FPA 03<0.05ppm

Okamizu Car Detoxifier : 0.03ppm


Direction of use:

okamizu car detoxifierInsert the Car Detoxifier into the cigarette lighter socket.The unit will switch on and operate straight away. The glow in the bulb indicates the unit is functioning. To allow effective air purification, switch on the ventilation fan to increase air circulation in the car.



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