DermaStem Renewal Serum

Our breakthrough serum revitalizes the skin at the cellular level, to restore and maintain the skin’s youthful vibrance.

DermaStem’s all-natural ingredients provide support for the skin natural process of renewal.

DermaStem is a mocha-hued fusion of natural oils that blends invisibly into the skin. All-natural DermaStem contains a velvety emulsion of the world’s most restorative ingredients, including:DermaStem

  • Genestein and Samambaia, along with 14 berry concentrates packed with antioxidants, offer natural protection against skin damage from sun exposure.
  • Black Mamaku, Moringa, Shea. Rosa Mosqueta and Sangre de Drago are used by natives of various parts of the world to treat wounds, and have been shown in various studies to support skin renewal.
  • Our natural Stem Cell Complex (a proprietary blend of AFA, aloe, fucidan, cehami, cocoa and vanilla) has been documented to enhance stem cell proliferation by more than 100%.
  • Our blend of six Cytokines has been documented to stimulate the proliferation and migration of the skin’s stem cells by more than 225%, supporting the very renewal process of the skin.
  • RejuvHyal, a glucosamine-based ingredient that supports the natural synthesis of fully branched hyaluronic acid by the skin.

No petroleum derivatives, preservatives or chemicals are part of either the formula or the processing.


DermaStem is a natural extension to our stem cell nutrition products. We are pioneers in the field of stem cell nutrition and have mastered the support of the body’s natural renewal system. Now we are extending stem cell science to support the natural process of skin renewal.Stemtech's President Ray C. Carter, Jr.


DermaStem Features & Benefits

Our clinical results demonstrate that dramatic and visible improvements occur rapidly with only a twice-daily application of DermaStem. This revolutionary product works to reduce the signs of premature aging by supporting the work of skin stem cells, the natural renewal system of the skin.

Dozens of organicor wild-harvested plants with individual properties to fight the signs of premature aging have been assembled from around the world. A unique product that can return your skin to its youthful apprearance.
Oils of Cyathea medularis (Black Mamaku), Aloe barbadensis (Aloe vera) and berries are extracted using a cold infusion process so that the delicate enssences of all the plants are preserved. Each anti-aging ingredient is delivered in its most powerful, effective form for greatest benefit.
No mineral oils, preservatives or chemicals. The all-natural emulsion of natural oils disappears instantly into the skin for immediate effect and no residue, without potential toxicity.
Exclusive to DermaStem: RejuvHyal, a proprietary form of N-acetyl glucosamine which enhances the appearance of the skin, helping it to appear smoother and more youthful. Younger looking skin feels tighter and smoother, and has a radiant glow.
Exclusive to DermaStem: A blend of six Cytokines that stimulate the proliferation and migration of the skin’s adult stem cells. Outer vibrance comes from renewal and rejuvenation of the surface of the skin, producing a more youthful appearance.

The blend of all these features gives a product second to none, which was shown in clinical trials to reduce wrinkles by 25%, increase elasticity by 10% and increase moisture by 30% in 28 days! 


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Why DermaStem?

  1. It is clinically tested and taps into the science of stem cells.
  2. It contains regenerative ingredients and restructures the skin at the cellular level.
  3. It is 100% natural and contains absolutely nothing artificial.
  4. It has anti-oxidant properties to protect the skin.


DermaStem contains absolutely nothing artificial. It is an emulsion of dozens of ingredients gathered from around the world that work individually and in concert to regenerate the skin, while also fighting the effects of oxidative stress and other harmful internal and external triggers that cause premature aging of the skin. Soundwave sanitizing technology called SoniPure and cold processing preserves the very fabric of each plant for unprecedented effect.


Ingredients in DermaStem

All Natural Ingredients (Common Name):
Black mamaku juice, Aloe vera juice, Berry juices reconstituted in high vibration Enki™ Water (Maqui berry, Pomegranate, Wild bilberry, Wild lingonberry, Blackcurrant, Aronia, Wild blueberry, Concord grape, Sour cherry, Wild elderberry, Wild cranberry, Red raspberry, Black raspberry), Coconut oil, Safflower oil, Nilotica butter, Olive oil extract, Cocoa butter, Soy lecithin, Chilean soapnut, RejuvHyal™, Honeysuckle, Rosa mosqueta, Mekabu (fucoidan), Bitter orange extract, AFA, Bentonite clay, Aspen bark extract, Lactobacillus ferment, Vitamin E (Sunflower), Genistein, Old Man Weed, Amla, Vanilla, Colostrum, Green tea extract, Olive extract (Hydroxytyrolosol), Guar, Moringa, Sangre de drago, Cacao, Samambaia, Cytokines, Jasmine oil, Sweet orange, Bulgarian rose oil, Tangerine oil.

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Place 1 to 2 pumps onto fingers, apply and smooth around face, starting with delicate areas. Use morning and night on a clean, slightly damp face. One DermaStem pump container will last 2 months, using 2 pumps of the product 2 times a day.
Refrigeration is suggested to preserve the delicate bioactive properties of this serum



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